June Bethlehem Star

A Message from Pastor

Dear Friends in Christ, 

So this journey continues. Most of the summer activities our communities and nation traditionally hold have been cancelled or significantly modified. I’ve been watching old PGA golf tournaments and last week, The Match,  on TV.  It was also fun to see the Packers beat the Patriots in the Superbowl, 35 -21. It was 1997. 

Thanks for all the ways you are “making the best of it.”  Thanks too for participating in our video Worship Services over the last two months.  We are preparing now for in-person Worship on June 14. More details will follow outlining the safety measures that will be in place. It will be great to see you again! 

As we cautiously move forward, I hope you will visit our congregation’s website, bethlehemvintion.org. As mentioned previously, the website provides resources to encourage you and your faith. In addition, under faith resources at the top of the home page, you will locate two on-line daily devotions, God Pause, from Luther Seminary and another from Frederick Buechner, one of the finest Christian authors of our generation.  There is no charge for either. 

You will also have access to prayers from the faith resource page. Here at the church office, you may purchase a Prayer Book for the Armed Services. It is like a small hymnal with brief Services for daily prayer, hymns, prayers, Luther’s Small Catechism, Psalms and more. I use this on a regular basis. You need not be a military member or veteran to use this devotional. 

On another note, the unemployment rate is through the roof. Still, four out of five of us remain in our jobs. Might we be generous in supporting the work of Christ through our offerings and in support of non-profit agencies that are assisting our brothers and sisters in need. 

This year unfolding before us is filled with challenges we do not now know of. We do know we have a compassionate God who is on our side. Our Lord Jesus is with us to the end. 

“O God, you have called your servants to ventures of which we cannot see the ending, by paths as yet untrodden, through perils unknown. Give us faith to go out with good courage, not knowing where we go, but only that your hand is leading us and your love supporting us: through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.” ELW, page 304

The Lord be with you,

Pastor Randy


A Note from the Council

As we continue to make our way during this challenging time, we need to remind ourselves what we can control and what we cannot control.


 We can remain calm and remember God is in control.  We can be patient, always knowing that everything happens in God’s time not ours.


We can remember to be grateful and appreciate God’s blessings that we receive daily, whether big or small.  We can take time to enjoy the silence and unhurriedness to reflect upon life and what is truly important.  We can rediscover ourselves, slow down, and breathe.


We can continue to be caring, generous, thoughtful, and kind.  Be watchful for those who are lonely, depressed and whose health is suffering during this difficult time.


Everyday I receive an inspirational message online from Sisters of the Presentation in Dubuque.  I would like to share a few of those messages with you.


The longer we wait for something, the more we appreciate it when we get it.

Not all storms come to disrupt our lives, some come to clear our paths.


Today, love others for who they are.  See the beauty in the journey.  Hold your head high and be brave.  Extend a hand, give back and believe in the power of simply being kind.


Let us bring life, blessings, and healing to this Earth, this world.  As the Earth reawakens with the splendor of new life, may our lives and spirit be renewed and refreshed.


As we continue to struggle and recover, remember this is a process and everyone heals, physically, mentally, and emotionally at their own pace, that is right for them.  Give yourself the time that you need to recover.


We can remember to always reflect on what is important in life.  Pray for those who work in the medical field, caregivers, and other essential workers who continue to work during this time.  Check in on your neighbors, family, and friends to make sure they are doing okay.  Offer your assistance when possible.   Pray for our church and congregation as well as other churches and their congregations as they navigate through the process of re-opening.


 We always remember to trust in our Lord that we will wake up and all of a sudden the weight of the last few  months will be lifted off of our shoulders.  We can not control when that will happen.  Only our Lord knows. We hope to stay strong going forward


Council Member

Roxann Harms


VAMA Assistance

The Vinton Area Ministerial Association provides assistance to people who are in need of food or fuel for their vehicles.  During a normal Easter season the offerings that are collected at the early morning Holy Week Worship Services are used for this purpose.  Since the services were not held, the funds for this ministry need help.  If you are interested in giving a donation, please make check out to VAMA and send to the church office.  Thank you.


EWALU near Strawberry Point, Iowa is still planning to offer Summer Camp.  Camps will begin the week of June 28th.  If you are interested visit their website at www.ewalu.org and click on the registration to view the schedule or call 563-933-4700.  EWALU mission statement is “To serve all people as a place to connect the Word of God with the world of God.”


Team Property

Team Property will meet on Monday, June 1st at 6:30 p.m. in Augustana Hall.  There are a few projects that need our attention.


Ladies Lunch Out

Ladies Lunch Out will begin to meet on June 12th at 11:30 a.m. in Augustana Hall.  We will be ordering from Pizza Ranch.  Please have your order called into the church office at 319-472-3784 by Thursday 12:00 noon if you plan to attend.


Church Library

Church Library is available to you when the church office is open Monday thru Friday 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.  If you are looking for some new reading material check it out.  The library is located in the Sunday school room on the east side of the church kitchen.


Men at the Inn

Men at the Inn will begin meeting in Augustana Hall on Friday, June 5th at 6:30 a.m.  Bring your own coffee or beverage. 


Online Giving

Online Giving is available on the Bethlehem website at www.bethlehemvinton.org.  Just click on the “Online Giving” button on the Home page and follow the directions.


World Hunger Boxes

World Hunger boxes can be brought to worship beginning on June 14th and set on the table in the center of Augustana Hall as you enter through the south doors.  Thank you for your support of this important ministry.



You Tube Worship Videos

You Tube worship videos will continue to be uploaded for those members that are not able to join us at the church for worship.  You can access these videos at the church website at www.bethlehemvinton.org and click on the You Tube button on the Home page.  You can also view the videos on our Bethlehem Lutheran Vinton You Tube Channel or Bethlehem Lutheran Vinton Facebook Page.



Communion will be observed on June 21st during worship service.  There will be prefilled communion cups with wafers available for pick up on the table in the center hall as you enter through the south doors.  Please pick one up along with a zip lock bag before you enter the sanctuary and instructions will be given during worship.  These prefilled communion cups have a wafer under plastic on top.  Please make sure that you peal off the top plastic to get to the wafer before pealing off the foil covering of the communion cup.  Place all trash in the zip lock bag, seal, and drop in waste basket as you exit the church.  Those members viewing at home may use their own wine, juice, or bread.


Family Sunday School

Sunday School will continue to be online at https://www.wearesparkhouse.org/promos/family-sunday-school/.  These videos have songs, puppet bible stories, projects, and prayer. 



If you are looking for some daily devotionals Portals of Prayer and Christ in our Home devotionals can be obtained at the church.  Other devotional resources can be found at info.frederickbuechner.com or gratefulness.org.


Food for Thought

Meet on the 3rd Thursday of every month at 6:30 p.m.


June 2020

Book:  The Sea Keeper’s Daughters by Lisa Wingate (#3 in the Carolina Heirloom series)

Restaurant:  Bethlehem Inn Deck bring your own lawn chair and sack lunch

July 2020

Book:  Cottonwood Whispers by Jennifer Erin Valent (#2 in Calloway Summers series)

Restaurant:  Napoli’s

August 2020

Book:  Renia’s Diary by Renia Spiegel

Restaurant:  Cheddar’s

September 2020

Book:  The Tide Between Us by Olive Collins

Restaurant:  Irish Democrat

October 2020

Book:  Cuttin for Stone by Abraham Verghese

Restaurant:  Fong’s Pizza

November 2020

Book:  The Giver of Stars by JoJo Moyes

Restaurant:  Lotus

December 2020

Book:  The Christmas Town by Donna Van Liere

Meeting Place:  Bethlehem Inn


Volunteer Opportunity

Bethlehem Lutheran is part of the Vinton community Meals on Wheels Program.  We have agreed to provide one person to assist with the delivery of meals each month on the third Monday and also the fifth Monday when there is one. It requires the volunteer to check in at HACAP center by 11 a.m. and usually you are done by 1:00 p.m.  The driver of the van takes you to the homes of those requesting meals and you then take the container of food to the door, knock, leave the food and return to the van to go to next stop. We currently only have a couple of Bethlehem members able to help and could use a little more assistance.  It may only amount to a few Mondays a year. 

Think about it and call the church office if you are interested. 

Thanks in advance,

Linda Wallace on behalf of Team Christian Life



We have remembered the following in prayers

during the month of May. If you are missed off this list, our sincere apologies.

For health, healing and comfort:  Jerry Hanna, Gary Volberding, Don Neblung, Nick Krull, Brennen Still, Dave Waters, Ron Lutz, Scott White, Jim Young, Ellen Tempus, The family of Lori Neblung, Brenda Sutton, Lee Vermedahl

For those graduating from high school: Olivia Erhardt and Franki Evans

For those graduating from college:  Colton Evans and Ben Eden


Benton County Food Pantry

Thank you for your two generous donations of $220 and $230 for our food pantry.  You have for so long been a steady, wonderful supporter of our efforts and now more than ever, as we continue seeing more needy families because of COVID-19.  It is greatly appreciated!

Sherry, Vinton Food Pantry


June Server Schedule

Month of June:

Acolyte:  Katelyn Humiston

Altar Guild:  Ellen Olson, Brenda Sutton

Tape Ministry: Elaine Bearbower

Council Lock-Up: Tina Eden


June 14th   

Lector:  Doug Sutton

Ushers:  Eric & Rachel Dickinson, Darin & Stephanie Humiston

Counters (14th): Steve Wallace, Mona Hanson


June 21st & 28th

Lector:  Tina Eden

Ushers:  Tom Hanson, Kimmit & Judy Renken, Doug Suton

Counters (21st): Mona Hanson, Tim Jorgensen

Counters (28th): Tim Jorgensen, John/Ellen Olson


Flowers in June:

7th:  Maurice & Pat Gardner’s Anniversary

14th:  Andrew Gate’s Birthday

21st:  Father’s Day by Dennis & Tina Eden


(319) 472-3784

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