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*Current Events*

Bishop Amy Current and Pastor Anne Williams

132 Birthday Cakes in a Pan Kits to share with the local Food Pantry were collected from members.


Fellowship and Meal
Celebrating 110 years
at Bethlehem Lutheran Church.

Thank you to everyone
who came to Celebrate
Bethlehem's 110th Birthday.

Pastor Anne Williams and Pastor Erika Uthe
Installation of Pastor Anne as Bethlehem Lutheran's Pastor December 11, 2023

Bethlehem Youth
Advent Breakfast Crew 

Bethlehem Confirmation Sunday
November 6, 2022

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Pastor Anne Williams Ordination
October 15, 2023
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
Ankeny, Iowa

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**Daily Devotionals & Inspirational Quotes**

Luther Seminary Daily Devotions

Word for the Day

Frederick Buechner Quote of the Day


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